How to Search for Eating Disorder Resources in Your Area

By Hattie Rowe

Getting the individual help you need for eating concerns is an essential step in moving towards healing. However, seeking treatment close to you can be challenging. Depending on your location, options may be limited, but there are always services available that can offer help in some way. This post offers advice and tips on how to search for local eating disorder treatment options.

Use Google as a start to find other search engines.

  • Internet search engines can connect you to beneficial websites that can help refine your search.
  • For example, Psychology Today has a search engine for finding an accredited therapist who specializes in eating disorders near you!

Look for treatment centers.

  • Eating disorder treatment centers are ideal for recovery. Try searching for clinics in your area to see if there are inpatient or outpatient resources available.
  • The National Eating Disorder Association has a map of resources all across the United States for treatment options specific to eating concerns.

Search for certified counselors, therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists in your community and see if anyone specializes in eating concerns.

  • If an eating disorder treatment center is not available, then try searching for service providers in private practices or hospital settings.
  • Good is another search engine that can connect you to local service providers that specialize in your specific concerns!

Verify your treatment services.

Emergency situations.


Recovery is a journey that is not meant to be walked alone. Finding treatment that works for you may take time, but it will be worth the effort. Getting help for yourself is a selfless act that will benefit you, your loved ones, and the new creation you are introducing to the world.