“Our bodies are beautiful in every shape, size, and color. We cannot allow ourselves or others to begin a cycle of self-hatred over the bodies that are our lifelong homes.”

Healing Bodies, Healthy Babies is designed to be a resource for clinicians and healthcare professionals, patients, and family and loved ones to help navigate the complex issue of pregnancy and eating disorders.

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Thoughts & Insights



Transgender Pregnancy

By Kamryn Bedore and Rachel Yankowy

Pregnancy has been considered something that only women can do but people of all genders can get pregnant and give birth. Medical professionals state that there is a possibility for a transgender woman to have a child with a uterus transplant. In the past there have already been cases of cisgender women having children with a transplanted uterus from donors.(more…)


Parenting Concerns and Eating Disorders

By Jillian Catalano
West Virginia University

Mothers with an eating disorder or history of an eating disorder often face challenges related to parenting and want more resources in this area. However, it is important to note that navigating parenting concerns associated with eating disorders is often under-studied and over-generalized. (more…)



Family and Loved Ones’ Sensitivity Training

By Jillian Catalano
West Virginia University

During the month of February 2021, the Healing Bodies Healthy Babies research team released their first ever Family and Loved Ones’ Sensitivity Training. The virtual seminar has been much anticipated, as members of the team have spent months researching, creating, and producing visual content to optimize the viewer experience.(more…)

February 2020 Sensitivity Training 

By Malerie Razzis
West Virginia University

This past February, the Healing Bodies, Healthy Babies research team was able to conduct their very first sensitivity training.  There were months of preparation prior to the first session with considerable work from team members including Zoya Khan, Caterina DeFazio, Taylor Shultz, Oghenerukeme Asagba, and Hattie Rowe. (more…)

A Perfect Storm

By Hannah Meeks
West Virginia University

Pregnancy, especially an unplanned one, can be a stressful time for women with eating disorders due to amplified feelings of body dissatisfaction and anxiety about gaining weight. This, coupled with a lack of support and screening from clinicians who may not understand the intersection of eating disorders and pregnancy, creates a perfect storm for women with eating disorders. (more…)

A Toxic Relationship: Eating Disorders and Violence

By Hattie Rowe
West Virginia University

*Trigger Warning. Discussions of Intimate Partner Violence, Sexual Assault, and Eating Disorders*

You may have heard of the nature vs. nurture debate. Some people say that our genetics and biology are what make us who we are. Others say that our environment shapes us to create the person we are. Researchers have applied this theory to the development of eating disorders. (more…)

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